A unique oil from our region of Abruzzo. The unique taste of the new from freshly pressed olives. Our raw oil is as it comes from the mill. 100% Italian oil since 1930. 100% Italian oil since 1930. Dal nostro Abruzzo un olio unico.

Our story as manufacturers and traders of 100% Italian oil started in 1930. The soul of our work is packing oil produced by small farms in Alto Vastese, a hilly area that benefits from many olive trees, thanks to its height and proximity to the sea, factors that make the soil particularly suitable for cultivating the best olives. We select the oil, in order to ensure that only the best bears our trademark.

Our history has its roots at the beginning of the 1900s, when the very young father, Antonio, the founder of the company, sold oil and wine together with his father and with the aid of a cart, in the towns of Alto Vastese.

Antonio Corvino set up the company in 1958, working hard to then pass the baton to his son Nicola who, to date, with the commitment and foresight that distinguish our family, looks towards the future and towards increasingly extensive markets.