Chilly flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


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TYPE OF OIL: chilly flavoured extra virgin olive oil
VARIETY OF OLIVE: Ordinario, Lechìn e Kalamata
INGREDIENTS: extra virgin olive oil and natural chili extract – crushed chilli present inside the bottle
ORIGIN: lands of the Mediterranean basin
HARVEST METHOD: mechanical
MILLING: traditional within 24/48 hours from the harvest
PRESSING: cold extraction
COLOR: intense yellow with red strips
TASTE: bold, fresh
MATCHING: ideal for livening up pasta dishes, such as tomato sauces and linguine with clams. Excellent for vegetables and legumes
RECOMMENDED BEST BEFORE DATE: 24 months of the packaging date. The recommended best before date stated on the bottle refers to the product when correctly stored, in intact packaging
BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES: 100% digestible, fights cholesterol, rich in Vitamins A, D and E, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces blood pressure

The extracts and flavours are created by an Italian company qualified in the sector; they are free from GMO substances or derivatives, free from allergens and suitable for use in foodstuffs.
Directions: To best appreciate the quality of this oil, it is recommended to be used raw (when cooked, due to the heat, the aroma may disperse). It is advised to shake before use.
Storage method: Store in a cool (14°/18°), dry place, away from light and sources of heat. After opening, it is advisable to close the cap properly after each use, to preserve its integrity.


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